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Best Tow Rope On The Market!

Look for these qualities only found in Custom Ropes . . . . .

Better than Nylon, Cable or Chains!  Custom Ropes are designed for the sole purpose of pulling.  It is a safer rope and one that is more durable and resistant to the many different elements that a farmer, someone in the field, or in construction would be exposed to.  Items such as weather,  battery acid, diesel fuel, oil, gasoline, hydraulic fluid, fertilizer WILL NOT harm this rope.

Strong and Safe!  Custom Ropes have more twine, and therefore have much more strength than their competitors. They are more UV stable and do not deteriorate from sunlight.  The polypropylene ropes only stretch 10 - 14% of its length, while other ropes stretch 35 - 40%.  You must have a certain amount of stretch to obtain the use of kinetic energy, but not so much that it is dangerous.  If the Custom Rope should break, it does not have the dangerous recoil that nylon has.  

Superior Braiding Techniques!  The way the loops are braided gives it about 20% more strength in the loops because the rope cannot cut itself in the braid.  The Custom Rope braid lays around each strand, and never crosses itself, which gives it more strength under tension.

Stop at Mertz Lumber & Supply to see which Custom Rope is right for you!


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